Lipo is Done, No Tummy Tuck Required!

I'm scheduled to have a mini tummy tuck and...

I'm scheduled to have a mini tummy tuck and smart lipo in a couple of weeks. During my consult, the doctor said that due to the location of my hip bones and ribs, I can work out as often as I'd like, but I'll never have a waist. With the procedure he's going to create one.

I've noticed that most of the comments on here are from women who've already had kids. Has anyone had experience with this procedure before pregnancy? I do hope to have kids some day, but definitely not within the next 5-10 years. Thanks!


Updated June 10, 2010:

So I had my lipo done yesterday. Originally I was scheduled to have lipo and a mini tuck (just to remove skin, no muscle repair), but I woke up after the surgery and much to my surprise (and JOY!) the Dr. told me he didn't have to do the tuck, the skin did it's own thing and worked out fine. So excited! I am of course bruised and swollen, and leaking like crazy, but I can already see amazing results. Can't wait to see the end results :)

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The doctors in this thread all seem to agree: you will probably need a revision after pregnancy.

But, since you're not planning on getting pregnant immediately, IMHO there's plenty of time to enjoy the benefits of your tummy tuck before you have kids.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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He was so informative, and comforting.. He could tell I was nervous and even held my hand until I was asleep!

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