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Hello All-Day 7 - feeling more swollen today -...

Hello All-Day 7 - feeling more swollen today - drain is still in - feeling swollen - took the CG off for 30 mins to wash and dry - I look like I was locked away in a refugee camp (:- no shower is 7 days - yuck.... I have a family event on Sunday - I must attend ... what do I wear - I have to wear my garment - but I am still so swollen -- any ideas.......... do I go?? can I have a few drinks....... any feedback is greatly appreciated
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Welcome and thanks so much for offering your opinion on your doctor.

With more detail about your experience - such as why you had the surgery, tips for getting good results, pros/cons, information on the recovery/pain/downtime and before & after photos - our team can add your story to the main community.

As the community manager, I'm asked all the time to keep encouraging people to share more details, which is so helpful for others considering these procedures. So please accept this as a well-intentioned request from thousands.
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