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Hi, I've used Latisse since Jan 1, 2014. I was...


I've used Latisse since Jan 1, 2014. I was told to pout a drop in the cap and use the supplied brushes....Got to be kidding me! I had a tube of liquid liner with a brush that was almost empty. So I washed the whole thing in hot hot soapy water. rinsed in hot water and disinfected it all a glass of rubbing alcohol. Let dry. Since I had 2 3ml bottles I put the contents of one bottle in my sanitized liner unit. No waste and more precision to the application. I don't use this at night, I use this in the day. Yes I know they tell you at night. But if the product has no dissipated then it could spread..not wanting hair on my lid or cheek, I use it in the day. After I cleanse, I put my eye cream on. Under and on my lid, but not too close to the lashes. defeats the purpose. Then I grab my new liner dispenser, and start from the outer and work inwards. One dip per eye. By the time I get the rest of myself ready, It has already been absorbed. I find that the very fine brush from my liquid liner unit is perfect for application. No over spread of the product, great precision, and no waste!
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Hi,Have you also heard about Generic Latisse(Careprost)? $25 abottle. I was wondering if I can buy on kijiji.ca. Do you know anything about it? Can I trust someone on kijiji selling this without prescription?
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Awesome results! The only problem I see with daytime use is this: doctors and cosmetic experts say that eye creams "climb" over the course of the night or day, making it unnecessary to put eye creams very close to the actual eye (it goes there by itself). So, my concern is that the eye cream over top of the Latisse could bring the product closer to/into the eye. Might be a problem for people concerned about eye color change.
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I take the included brushes and cut them down by two thirds. I don't waste as much because the brushes are shorter and absorb less of the product.
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