Labiaplasty Trim Method! Not Sure if I'm Healing Okay? Toronto, ON

I decided to get labiaplasty (trim method) at the...

I decided to get labiaplasty (trim method) at the age of 17 because I had been uncomfortable with the area down there since I was 12. I also had a clitoral hood reduction done as well, however I have a few questions/concerns and I was wondering if anybody could provide some input.
1. It's been four months and I'm still in pain when I exercise? Is this normal? I had the surgery done by an extremely experienced plastic surgeon.
2. My clitoral hood is still very much exposed and still looks as if it has obviously been stitched. If I wanted to get this done again how much would it cost? I am really uncomfortable about it being exposed.

I don't think I'm really that swollen anymore, but I'm not sure. Please help!!!
Thank you so much for taking the time to share. How are you feeling now? Has the swelling subsided?
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