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Need Opinions for 6 Month Follow Up - Canada

I am currently close to 6 months post op. I have...

I am currently close to 6 months post op. I have concerns that I want to bring up with my surgeon and I just want some opinion's. I feel as though I have too much laxity, and a bulge over my scar that is not swelling and will not go away. When I sit there is a skin overhang that is so loose. The more I heal it seems the looser it gets. I think I need a full revision, and my surgeon thinks possibly just lypo. I think there is just too much skin still. Can othes offer help? I am at goal weight, and have not gained or lost since surgery.

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Hey there! my tt looked similar at first, but as I started to control what I am eating and making an effort to lose weight it is looking more flat. I am surprised by the amount of skin you have left over though, did you check with your ps? That would be a good start as I do not think that is normal. Hopefully everything will even out!
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