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Guess I'm lucky, needles don't both me one...

Guess I'm lucky, needles don't both me one bit, even dentists. But ladies you do have to suffer to be beautiful!

I have a "beer" budget but after yrs of illness & stress my face is showing it so I decided to just have my worst (I think) problem "juvedermed" (I really investigated it before I went) and stopped taking asprin two weeks before - everyone should do that. Went for a consultation and Dr. said do you want it NOW - I was over the moon.

He just did marionette lines for now and a day later I have a TINY bruise on one side - what a difference - I love it, want my whole BODY done!

Do your research ladies - juvederm should not really be injected on the "Upper Face" too much, that's Botox or Thermarge. Good Luck!

Hi cool,

You have provided some important info for the community to know about Juvederm. I love that you want to have your whole body done, that is funny. :) Sounds like you did a lot of research which is also very important. How long had you been thinking about having this procedure done? Are you going to continue with it in the future? Please keep us updated and we would love to see pictures if you are comfortable sharing.

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Hi there Britt,

So nice to hear from you! Strange, the "marionette lines" seemed to appear overnight - well, not exactly! but were not so noticeable to me anyway. There is lots to do with this face, but as mentioned the "beer" budget prevents me from having Botox as it doesn't last. I was only thinking of having the procedure for about 2 weeks, but did LOTS of investigation (didn't even know your site existed). I hear that Juv. doesn't last as long on the lower face but with this result I know I'll have to get it done again when needed. No pictures....I'm afraid of Paparazzi - I wore black glasses into the doctors as TMZ was stalking me!!!!!(lol)


Hi Limey,

No prob on the pictures, we completely understand. Have you considered other fillers that can last up to a year, like Radiesse or Restalynne?



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I can't stress enough about RESEARCH on your OWN before you step foot in to the doctor's office. This arena is changing practically daily! and even a qualified doctor doesn't have the time to look at everything. He seemed pleased I had done my homework and was questioning him on everything. Like I said I take a low dose asprin each day and read I shouldn't for two weeks prior to procedure, reduces brusing. The first thing he asked me was what medications I was taking and exclaimed GOOD GIRL when I said I'd stopped the asprin.

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