Just Started Invisalign Day 3 for Minor Crowding on Bottom Teeth

I have minor crowding on the bottom so I decided...

I have minor crowding on the bottom so I decided to try invisalign. I'm 20 so I didn't want a mouth full of metal.

The first day I put the trays on, I felt no pain only tightness. However, on day 2 I started feeling some pain. Now, on day 3, I feel sores developing in my mouth, especially on parts of my tongue that rub against the tray and also on gums near the back of the trays. What can I do to make them go away?

I also have a little bit of trouble speaking and keeping my mouth closed. Also, my teeth are very sensitive to cold/hot foods, so does anyone have suggestions for what to eat? Thanks! and I hope to have a nice smile soon.

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Good, but must wait until the end of treatment to really rate this.

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for the sores in your mouth, use a little anbesol, or oragel. it really helps. and it will eventually heal up. within 2 to 3 days. worked for me. also, you can try swishing your mouth with warm salt water. it'll clean out the sores and sooth the pain.
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Hi, can you tell me which dentist that you used in here in Vancouver?? Thanks
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