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I'm from Canada and this surgery was covered...

I'm from Canada and this surgery was covered by OHIP thanks to it being a medical surgery (if you get a referral from your regular physician then it shouldn't be a problem for your surgeon to fill out the OHIP papers and get you approved). My Story: I'm 26 years old now and had this surgery when I was 23 and like my title suggests, this surgery is easily one of the best things I've ever done for myself! For so many years (really since high school) I had felt like my breasts were too big for my body, too big for my personality - just NOT ME. I was a 34G (with a 5'5 127lb frame) by the time I turned 23 and after long consideration, research and chats with my family, I finally picked up the phone and got the breast reduction surgery process started. Found a fantastic doctor through a friend who had had the surgery herself which was a great thing (getting a good surgeon who listens to you and what you want is SO important). After my first initial appointments the surgery was booked, I went in and came out with beautiful 34C boobs. I cried I was so happy :) I can finally go into a Victoria's Secret and buy a bra! I can now hit any store and buy a bathing suit top that works! No more struggles in the dressing room, no more passing a cute dress or top that I wish I could wear, but can't. All those days are behind me! My back feels great, my posture looks good and I feel like ME. 3 Years later and my breasts look good. My healing process was a quick one thankfully, nipple sensation is still there, scars are only a bit visible (but keep in mind I'm quite fair skinned) and I feel great.

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Hi tkmars! I'm a 22 year old and a size 34F-G. I recently went to my family doctor and got a referral to see a plastic surgeon. I've called the surgeons office and they said they could probably get me in for a consult within the next month (they're just waiting to receive the referral before booking an appointment). I was wondering what the OHIP process was like? I'm 5'6", 165lbs with a BMI of 27. My doctor assured me that my weight would not be an issue (as most of the weight is in my chest), but of course I've been worrying non stop that I won't be approved for the surgery for some strange reason. Any reassurance or information would be really appreciated!!! also, how long after the consultation were you waiting for your surgery? Thanks!
Tweedy! It's been a year since you posted and I'm so sorry I missed the comment. I'm hoping that everything worked out the way you wanted (at the time of my surgery I was 5'6 and normal weight around 127 lbs). No health concerns of any kind but if you note back and neck issues that's really all OHIP needs to see in order to approve you. Hope everything worked out for you girl :)
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My doctor was kind, he listened to my concerns and what I was looking to achieve. He explained to me everything that would happen, how small would be appropriate for my body and was a great man throughout the entire experience. Don't be afraid to check out a few doctors before settling on the one!

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