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I am 29, considering surgery to correct sagging...

I am 29, considering surgery to correct sagging from 2 pregnancies and subsequent breast feeding. I wear an A cup, which I feel suits my small frame. I don't want implants, however, I would like to 'undo' some of the changes in my breasts. I realize the results will not be as striking as with implants, but I am really hoping more to restore some perkiness than to gain fullness. The outer edge of the left areola is 3 cm from the crease, and 4 cm on the right. There is noticeable nipple irregularity and asymmetry, which I would also like to address. What procedure would be best for obtaining the results I'm looking for when there is less breast tissue than might typically be seen in a mastopexy?

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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I would recommend posting this as a question to doctors in the Q&A community. (Including a photo is very helpful).

In the meantime, I hope you'll keep us updated in this space! I think the perky, non-implanted look is fabulous on many ladies.

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