Breast Augmentation over the Muscle - Sore Breast 2 Months Later

Other then the soreness now I love them and glad I...

Other then the soreness now I love them and glad I did it. I did it because during pregnancy I went from an A to DD and then back down to an A leaving my skin really stretched.

2 months ago I had breast augmentation over the muscle. The surgery went great and they look great but in the last week or so only in my right breast around the nipple and under the nipple are very sore. Is this normal and will it always be there?
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I would expect the soreness to fade over time. That said, I would urge you to contact your plastic surgeon and raise this as a concern. It's great that they look great, and the soreness might simply be part of the overall healing. You didn't mention whether your incision was around the areola or not; if so, your discomfort might be related to that, although it does seem odd to have started 2 months post-op. Best to have your surgeon check it out just to have peace of mind.
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