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I'm french, i'm very sorry for the grammar,...

I'm french, i'm very sorry for the grammar, spelling or syntax mistake that following.

I'm very interesting by Artesense (Artefill US). I will probably like to use it as a filler to straightened my nose (I would like to hide a small hollow) and i would like to enhance my high cheekbones. I start being very interest since i read the optimal resultcome after 3 months, if i'm right this would give a gradual and natural result ?

I read multiple review and unfortunalty most of them are negative. I think there is some improvement since Artefill (compared to Artecoll) wich is be FDA approve ?

I do my research about everything that goes wrong, and yes, i would do allergic test and continue my research before the surgery, but for now i would like to have some very good surgeon names in Canada, i would like to see people who have good result, and know more about their experience.

I promise i will share my experience when it comes the time. Right now permanent filler have a very bad reputation and i still believe that if it done in a good way by a good surgeon result could be pretty good.

Thank you very much for your time.
I appreciate a lot.


I'm so glad you are on here doing your research before moving forward with a treatment. That is so smart of you!

If you click on the "Doctor Finder" tab near the top of the page you will be able to search by area, then you can narrow the results by either specialty or procedure. Once you have narrowed your results you will be able to see the profiles of the doctors in your area that offer that treatment, so you can view their profiles, see the answers they have provided in the Q&A section, and read the reviews that have been submitted about them. Hopefully that will help you find someone you are comfortable with.

Please do keep us posted if you decide to get it, and if so, how it goes.

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