Can I Smile After my Septoplasty? Please Help!

I did this cause I was hit in the face two years...

I did this cause I was hit in the face two years ago with a gate. It got to the point I could not breathe and had no air flow through the one side. I play a lot of sports and was being limited to my activities, as well as when I would get sick it was a constant trouble.

Pros _I hope to breathe better and it will appear straight

Cons-Im scared the cartiledge will bend back, I'm scared i will re break it and Im scared I will do something to mishape it during healing.

Hi Doctors! I am 10 days post op from a septoplasty and turbinate cauterization. The cast and packing were removed and was a huge relief as that was quite uncomfortable. I attended a dinner theater last night where I laughed and smiled during funny scenes. At first it didnt seem to bother me but after a while it started to hurt when i smiled. I had a horrible feeling the one time and felt sick to my stomach that maybe I shouldn't be smiling at all. I was told no strenuous activities, sports, jogging, blowing nose and sneezing through my nose for 6 weeks. Nothing was said about it ok for me to smile as long as I can tolerate the pain or will it affect the shape, look,or healing of my nose.. Please help put my mind to ease.

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