One Implant Has Popped out from Under Muscle

I ve had buttock implant surgury about 1 year ago....

I ve had buttock implant surgury about 1 year ago. 230 cc placed in a pocket in the muscle. I wanted a bigger and rounder buttock. I am glad with my implants but on one side i ve had a bit of a problem.

Now, on theleft side the implants popped out from under the muscle and I can feel and see a big bump at the side (my skin is very thin so it is very irritating).

What can be done about this? Can I change implants without having the same result on the lef side? I already went back to my surguon but he toldme that it is best to do nothing about it. For me it is to notacable to do nothing about it. Please advise me on this.


Sounds painful :( I suggest going to another Dr. And getting it fixed or removed asap. You dont want bigger complications to occur! Wish you the best!
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You should go to another doctor.
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You may find this doctor Q&A helpful:

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dr M. Janssen , Oisterwijk Holland

He doesnt correct any prolems and doesnt take you seriously.

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