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I had it done a week ago. My teeth looked good for...

I had it done a week ago. My teeth looked good for like 48-72 hours and then the original color came back. I'm not a smoker or drinker. For 72 hours I drank milk and water and no foods with dyes. My top ones look slightly better but the top of the teeth, near the gumline, still look the same. My bottom teeth are once again exactly the same shade I started with.

The original price of the Zoom was $500-something at the office I went to. They knocked it to $300 after I told them that I did not like the process of doing gel and mouth trays. I did 4 rounds of 15 minutes, all of which went perfectly. My teeth looked beautiful afterwards. They said that the teeth gradually get whiter over the next 2 weeks after the treatment. I doubt that's gonna happen though.

I had little or no sensitivity after the first few hours (had some zingers but nothing more.) I read later that Zoom is basically a psychological thing - it does work for a few people, but for most people it's just a temporary thing that makes them ooh and aah over their newly-brightened teeth and the effects aren't permanent. The office gave me some "follow-up gel" which I was told to use in 2-3 months.

Either way, I don't recommend Zoom. I lost 300 bucks. Some people lose 600 or more so I guess I was lucky. I guess I'll try the gel and mouth trays again...I hated them, and also Crest White Strips, but I think that's my only hope. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DON'T GET ZOOM'd.

Dear Megan - I think Zoom is a rather controversial thing. I really should have researched it a bit more before I had it done, but I didn't because I knew it was the only other thing available besides the gel trays. I think I read the psychological effects comment on Wikipedia (they have what looks like a quite good page on 'teeth whitening'). If the dental office had not knocked the price in half, I would not have done it. I feel very sorry for those who paid anything over about 300. Also, this was the first time I'd ever gone to the dental office which did the Zoom. They sent out a circular in the mail for $100 cleaning and xrays - a very good deal for the L.A. area. I called and made an appointment with the other office (my regular dentist, for the past 14 years, does not offer Zoom - if they had, I'd have gotten it done I know why they don't offer it.) I asked this other office about the Zoom and they said they would not see me just for the Zoom, I had to get cleaning and xrays as well, but that they'd give me a price quote and I could opt to do it or not. I went back 2 days after the cleaning and had it done. My teeth sure looked good for the first 24 hours. Actually my top teeth do look a bit better. The bottom ones, which were always more yellow, are still about the same shade. The Wikipedia article does mention that the laser process does have an initial effect, because it has opened up the pores of the teeth and taken off some of the heaviest "dirt" and the coating of the teeth that everyone has. Beyond that - not much. I guess I will call my original dentist this week and arrange to get some more whitening gel...I've still got my old trays!! Oh well. $300 lost, but it's not the end of the world.

If you do the gel you can write a review under the general Teeth Whitening topic and let everyone know which particular gel you used and how it worked for you. It's always good to hear what people experience with different products.

Hope that works out better for you! :)


That is really unfortunate that you didn't get good results. I guess on the plus side you didn't have a lot of pain, but when you pay your money and do the process I can definitely see how it would be disappointing not to notice change.

You mentioned that you read that Zoom could be a psychological thing. Do you mind  me asking where you read that?

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