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This is my second major lipo experience after...

This is my second major lipo experience after traditional tummy tuck/lipo in 2002. At the time of my orignal Tummy Tuck, hi-def vaser was not in use.

Since then, pounds have come and gone and I tried other non-surgical fat loss treatments, velashape (see my review), lapex laser (see my review), none of it worked to remove the new pockets of 15lbs of fat that crept back in weird places over the years.

I took the plunge again last week and went for upper abs, upper back, mid section and lower back. They removed the FDA max of 5 liters over a 3 hour session - general anesthesia. Went home with 4 drain bulbs, compression garment with sticky foam and a catheter to avoid the hassles of in/out of bed. I am not a martyr, but I did not take any pain meds, just the Ambien for sleep and something for nausea.

Second day (Thurs) felt like I fell down and back up an entire flight of stairs, hitting every square inch .. especially the rib cage and abs. Rested all day and had extreme difficulty getting out of bed, so simply didn't except to go back for a post op to have the catheter removed and a look-see. Logged onto my work email to act as if I could still work from home, big mistake... mis-spelled a lot of words and had difficulty comprehending things... There are emails I dont remember sending - ooops...

Third day (Friday) back to the doctor to remove the drain tubes, which had tapered off quite a bit by then. Peeling off the foam was like getting fresh bruises waxed - tried to think of happy thoughts... I now understand why dogs bite when you pet them too hard...

Fourth day (Saturday) Took a cool shower and washed my hair.. ahhh... lots of bruises here and there, especially under the breast and scattered about - kinda liking what I see in some spots, but belly looks mishapen and distended. Put the foam and garment back on and shuffled around the house looking like a 40 gallon water heater. Difficult to sit and lean back and get back up again. Felt best just standing up.

Fifth day (Sunday) Feeling stiff, but better, so drove to a store to get some groceries and stuff, spent too much time milling around and ankles swelled up like blowfish. Started to get a headache so I came home and laid down at 4pm, headache mushroomed into a migraine by 9pm and I ended up vomiting and peeing on the bathroom floor at 3am - I over did it.

Monday - I took the foam and garment off for a while, the itching was driving me nuts, plus I wanted to see how it looked. I can see immediate improvement in the upper ab as if I had a breast enhancement due to the removal of fat that had collected under the breasts - whoo hoo. BIG SMILE... Abdomen looks weird and distorted, but I know its swollen and puffy... hopped on scale, 5lb weight gain, but BMI is down by 5%, so I know that this will change when swelling subsides.

Tuesday (today)- I went to work today wearing spanx and regular clothes. My ribs are sore and the puncture spots are pinching and biting, but I can handle it. Nobody really noticed anything..so that is good - I dont want to suddenly show up to work dramatically thinner.

Tomorrow is my 1 week follow up - I will check back!

Weds: One whole week after procedure. Went back...

Weds: One whole week after procedure. Went back to get stitches out today, the area looked a little angry. Doctor is pleased overall, the area under the breast/rib cage looks great, very firm. But I feel like I look like a soggy sponge elsewhere and my belly is distended and distorted. He said not to worry, compress,..compress...compress... Just wear that compression garment faithfully and the fluid will continue to compress out and things will take shape. Gave me an Rx for some ultrasound and suggested lymphatic massage to speed it along.

Friday - The compression garment is extremely...

Friday - The compression garment is extremely annoying - feels like a spike strip wrapped around my torso. But sucking it up and keeping it on as best I can. I tend to rip it off in the night because I cant stand it... my torso area is very hard, some areas feel like I have a hard pencil under my skin. I am going for lymphatic massage today and then Ultrasound on Monday - the BMI on the scale is down a bit more, by 7%, but weight is the same as before surgery - I know I am retaining lots of water. Hope this massage is helpful.

It has been 6 months since the Vaser Liposuction....

It has been 6 months since the Vaser Liposuction. All the pain and discomfort are a distant memory. I am 80% satisfied, though still have one area on the left that simply will not go away. My doctor says its not fat, its loose skin. I am not up for any more surgery, so it is what it is.

Meant to add that I did not lose weight, nor did I...

Meant to add that I did not lose weight, nor did I expect to. I actually weigh the same as before. But the lumps under the bra are finally gone after dealing with them for years and trying to diet and do non-surgical ways to get rid of them. I also have more of a shape vs looking like a puffy water heater.
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hi, thanks for sharing your experience and sure that would give more confident.
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@AB Normal that is so true I had traditional done 6 years ago and now I have fat in the same areas that just came from nowhere about 2 years ago. The surgery is certainly worth it but it almost makes you wonder some time why bother if if the fat is going to travel.
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If you have lipo and gain weight back over time, it will come back in weird places. They will tell you that is not true buy that is my personal experience. I gained 10 lbs and it went all to the bra area, or so it seemed. It's like it had nowhere to go so it went there. Lipo is the only way to change your shape. But if you gain it back you will chase that fat all over the place.
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Hi Annie, what is the name of your doctor? I am interested in consulting with him/her.
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Thanks Annie,I appreciate your advice. 10th day after lipo. For last 4 days my doc asked me to wear the body tightening belts above the compression garments., I am simply worried about their effecs.I have got three of them on myself.It is quite a discomfort but I would bear at the cost of a better future shape.
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Its been a little over 3 weeks since the surgery. The area is still a bit tender, especially the punctures in the lower back, which pinch a bit when I move. It feels like my abdomen is tight, like when you do too many situps. Though I normally wear a 38D, the bra is too tight and uncomfortable around my mid back, it cuts into the skin and is making a depression, so I have stopped wearing it. I bought a Spanx/Assets cami that seems to work really well, despite the D cup issue. The skin is still tingly/numb. As far as "looks", I am 75% satisfied so far. I feel like there is still a blob of fat on my left side, under the bra line. Overall though, it does look a lot better and I no longer have a roll on my tummy that looks like as second set of boobs - I have no regrets and would do it again in another area if necessary. I know this is not a weight loss procedure, but the scale has still not changed, I weigh the same, but the % of body fat is still down and I look better, so that is the most important part.

Advice: Wear your garment as much as possible and dont put on tight clothing, like bras or jeans, because the area is still healing and it could cause permanent dents in your new shape.
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Annie, how are you doing now? I had vaser assited lipo done last week, my symptoms were more or less the same as you. Its been a week of similar discomforts, I am wondering how long is it gonna take to be normal.
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Hi, I replied, but it went as an update on my post vs a reply - see below
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Hi Annie Thanks for posting. I am having hi-def back and arms in 3 weeks and your posts really help. Melanie
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Gosh, Annie, it sounds like an awful procedure to go through. I am scheduled for two surgeries but they are very different from yours.

I do hope that you are feeling better.
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Hi Annie -- Thanks for the detailed recovery info. This is so helpful for others who are planning on getting Vaser.

How did your check-up go?

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