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Two at Once - Century City, CA

I am the mother of eight children and my last...

I am the mother of eight children and my last child just left for college. Now I am ready for a tummy tuck and exoderm non surgical face lift. September 28th. I am not overweight, 118 lbs and about 5'5", but a saggy belly from having babies. I am 57.

I enjoy reading the posts and seeing the pics. I am encouraged by your candidness and the reminder that it is okay to do something good for ourselves


Hi, I hope you are resting well! Looking forward to hearing your next update, when you are ready! Sending good healing vibes your way. : )
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My big day is approaching, sept 28 I think I have everything prepared. My husband and I are going to stay in a nearby hotel on Tuesday. My surgery is at 7am Wed. LA traffic is too risky to insure a timely arrival. I live an hour or so away. Not nervous, at least not yet. Now that I know I will actually get rid of this belly, I want to wake up with it gone!
In regards to vanity or selfishness, Ladies, there was a time when our lifespan wasn't too terribly long after having our children. Therefore, the belly wasn't a 40, 50 or more year issue to live with. Women are living longer and now there is a means to eliminate the"baby locker" ( as my husband calls it). It makes sense to me!
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AWESOME! Good for you! Keep us posted. As moms we give and give, we need to receive too!
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