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Tt 30 Day Post Op Anxiety - Hips and Thighs Look Huge

I had a full tummy tuck a month ago. About 2 weeks...

I had a full tummy tuck a month ago. About 2 weeks into recovery, my mid hip area and thighs began to swell. They have remained this way. My hips and thighs look outrageously huge;pants that fell off me pre-op are now tight.

I am so dissappointed and sad- I wanted the tummy tuck for 10 years and finally I was able to do it. I was less than happy with the belly button construction, but never complained and was willing to just get used to it because I thought the end result (no 'pooch' belly!)would be worth it. However, now this "spread" of my lower body has me anxious.

Pros: I love how small my waist looks, how almost flat my tummy is (no lumps, bumps)I can't wait till the puffy part is over! Scar is healing nicely.

Cons: Uncomfortable. Trying to get into a comfy position is awful. Was left uneasy that the one drain didn't really drain,and the area from which it was supposed to suction, I could feel it pull, causing wave like movements, yet no fluid secreted.That side never lightened in color of the little that did drain. This area is where I have had consistent pressure type pain, and at times- still- I get the wave motion which is uncomfortable. If garment isn't on I feel like my stomache is going to fall right out of me.

I need to know if the hips/thigh swelling is normal and if so, how long will it last, and is there anything I can do to reduce it?
Hello there. You are only 30 days post op & are still swollen. It takes quite some time for it to go down. I had my surgery Nov 5, 2009 & I am still swollen. You have to give yourself more time to heal. Perhaps u should visit your doctor. I had that same wave like feeling in my stomach which was caused by a Seroma. My doctor had to drain it several times. The seroma was very uncomfortable and left my tummy looking lopsided. However, It does not hurt to have it drained at all. Don't be sad. You have a long way to go. When I first had my tt done, I could not fit any of my jeans! Now, I can fit all of my clothing. Although my shape is definitely different. I hope that i have been helpful. Have faith that you will love your new body in time.
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