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Sculptra- So Far? Nothing Dramatic.

I had the procedure done about a week ago....

I had the procedure done about a week ago. Immediately after I had no swelling, no brusing, and no pain at all. I have been massaging 5 times for 5 minutes for 5 days and so far so good. I will continue to massage just to make sure I get no lumps.

I have seen a little of a diffeence but nothing dramatic. I have read that it may take 4 weeks to see results. I got the procedure done because I had a facial done that was suppose to tighten my skin. Not only did it tighten my skin but it melted the fat in my face. I am still farily young and wanted to restore some of the volume. I am under 35 and hope the results turn out okay.

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Hello, I live in California as well and was wondering where you got the Scupltra done. Thank you, Rachel
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May I ask, what is the facial you did that melted away your cheek flat? I had CoolGlide laser on my cheeks a few years ago and I believe it melted the fat on my face. I've consulted with doctors but they all say that my sunken cheeks is a result of again. I don't buy it, as my cheeks went from full to caved in in a month after the laser. How is the Sculptra working out? Any changes since your last update?
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It is too soon for you to get reults....especially with only one treatment. It may take 3 treatments over a period of months. The sculptra will begin to stimulate your collagen but it just takes time.
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