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I have always wanted the hump removed from my nose...

I have always wanted the hump removed from my nose. So on Nov.29th I had rhinoplasty for hump removal and to fix my right septum so I could breathe better! After surgery the pain wasnt too bad only had to take tylenol. The night before the cast removal (day 9) my eyes swelled up almost shut. Then when the removed my cast my nose was red and extremely swollen! It has been 2 days since and my swelling is still really bad that I cant go out in public. I look like a character from Avatar. The dr. gave me a steriod to take. Is this extreme swelling normal?? and when will get get better?

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Hi there,

I'm sorry you feel that you can't go out in public with your swollen nose. Have you asked your surgeon about the extreme swelling? Does he or she think it falls within the range of normal?

Here are some doctor answers about what is normal swelling after rhinoplasty.

I'd love to know how you're doing in a few days.

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