Cartilage Graft Displacement

I had a revision rhinoplasty 6 months ago. As part...

I had a revision rhinoplasty 6 months ago. As part of the revision, I had my bridge widened with a cartilage graft. Now, there is a bump on the top of the bridge, where the graft was placed. The surgeon feels certain that the bump is a result of the graft. (I was wearing sunglasses shortly after the surgery, and I am not sure whether this caused the cartilage to become displaced.) As a remedy, the surgeon has jabbed the place where the bump has formed with a blunt needle to try to dice the cartilage. However, after a couple of attempts at this, the bump still remains.

- nose does fit my face better (pro)

- bump on bridge is very noticable (con)

I had a revision because I wanted to improve the nose

Without photos and more medical information very hard to diagnose over the net. Return to the operating surgeon one last time to seek re revisional surgery to correct the bump. Or go to a different boarded surgeon. Regards Marry Merry

Is there a better method to resolving this? Or...

Is there a better method to resolving this? Or could the bump actually be a sign that my bridge was fractured, accidentally, during the surgery?
weird, I had a revision rhino too and on top of my graft there is a small bump now too.. It wasnt there at first. My Dr. said it could be scar tissue that formed on top of the rib cartiledge. He offered to shave t down in a few months but I don't know if I want too.. I don't really want to mess with my nose anymore. I may just live with the bump rather than try to change it.
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I am still uncertain as to whether I would recommend this surgeon. I am not happy with the nose as it is now. However, if the problem can be resolved, I should be very happy.

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