Restylane Swelling

I was skeptical about having my lips done, but I...

I was skeptical about having my lips done, but I was hating the thinning in my lips. This Dr had been doing my labial folds for a couple of years with excellent results. So he convinced me to do my lips. What a nightmare. I told him that I didn't want big lips, just enough to take the wrinkle out of them...the downward slope. Next thing I know, I look like I had a bat to the mouth. The next morning it was worse. I went in, and he assured me with continued icing it would get better. I am on day two and I still look like a freak. He finally agreed to order the hyaluronidase. Sad he didnt have it on hand.

Oh my gosh...when I was reading your story I was going to tell you that some swelling seems to be the norm for a while afterwards and that perhaps it will settle down. I'm so glad you posted your photos. Of course I'm a complete layperson when it comes to this, but that really does seem like a lot of swelling. I'm so glad to hear your doctor is being responsive to you. Please keep us posted how you are doing.


Most of the swelling is gone, but my lips are...

Most of the swelling is gone, but my lips are purple and painful. They are crooked and way too big. I am hoping the Hyaluronidase will make my lips look the way they did before this nightmare started I want to know if I have a right to ask him for a refund. I don't think I should have to be out money for this nightmare. I'm wondering if he is going to charge me for the Hyaluronidase...he hasn't said.

I'm glad to hear most of the swelling has gone down! Its unfortunate that its not even. Do you think if you gave it a little more time it might even out?? I mean, I certainly wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to, just thought if things were still settling it might be a possibility.

As for a refund/charge for Hyaluronidase. I don't know. Each office has their own guidelines they follow on that, but I definitely don't think it would hurt to ask.

I'm not sure if you have already checked it out or not, but we have a community for Hyaluronidase. It might be good for you to read through some of those reviews to see what those community members experiences were.

Do you have your next appointment set, or are they going to call you when the Hyluronidase comes in?

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