Restylane As Fillers for Nose - Hacienda Heights, CA

Had Restylane to make the bridge of my nose taller...

Had Restylane to make the bridge of my nose taller. Spent $399 for the 0.8cc syringe. I went to my Dr twice for my non-surgical rhinoplasty. 1st time my Dr. only injected 0.4cc and asked me to go back for touch up in 2weeks to use up the rest of 0.4cc.

The result is fabulous! I had a bruise for ~1.5 weeks but my nose looked much more taller and defined, as if I had the surgery. Downside is that Restylane isn't permanent.


what doctor did you see?
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Hi kurapika,

Welcome to the Restylane community. So happy your nose is "taller" and your procedure was a success. Did you have any pain or downtime? We would love to see pictures if you have them. As you said it's not permanent are you going to continue going when it wears off? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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