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Surprisingly Good Results - California

My doctor suggested I try Perlane for the cheek...

My doctor suggested I try Perlane for the cheek bones as a corrective for NSL folds (I had been using Juvederm) and I went with it because he is really quite amazing with these things and indeed it has made a tremendous difference.

I had one syringe, half on each side, injected close to the bone, which does feel a bit odd but it's not painful. No bruising because I took arnica orally for a few days before, mild soreness. I didn't tell my husband and he said, yes, 'you're looking good.' With a thin, angular face, puffing the cheeks up a bit seems to make more of a difference than filling up the NSL folds.

Rebate offered by the company for $65 through the end of June.


Hello, I would like to know who your doctor is... Thanks
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Hi Nora,

I'm so glad you were able to find something to help with the NSL folds. I love not telling my husband if I do something and he notices, and likes it ;) Mild soreness is great too, any bruising? We really love pictures! Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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