Nipples Too High After Breast Reduction

I had a breast reduction procedure in Nov, 2007....

I had a breast reduction procedure in Nov, 2007. Only last year did I notice that my nipples were at least 1" if not 2" higher than where they are normally supposed to be.

I am very happy and satisfied with my surgery, but now I fear this will be another problem and perhaps not repairable, or will leave unnecessary scars. Its unsightly and is starting to make me self-concious again.

Is there anything I can do about this?


If you need revision and want to be decreased in size further then discuss that with your surgeon. He Can do that
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Most probably what happened is that over the 2 years your breast has bottomed out or the breast tissue drooped (pseudoptosis) causing the nipples to look high. May need surgocal revision. Which could be like the original reduction surgery
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Hopefully that wouldn't involve going a size down yet again.
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My surgeon is very experienced and very nice and professional.

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