Mixto Laser Don't Have Great Results with One Treatment Only.-California

I did the Mixto co2 laser because I want to firm...

I did the Mixto co2 laser because I want to firm my skin, remove wrinkles and dark spots, and I was told that I will have wonderful results. The pain was ok, but my face looked so bad and swollen for 6 days. On day 8, I was able to go to the grocery store.My face was light pink for about a month.

It remove browns spot from my face and firm my skin a little bit, but that was only temporary, for about 8 months after the procedure. Also left few marks on my face from the laser dots. I took a great care of my skin and I followed all the doctors directions, but I didn't see any good improvements from this laser, at least with one treatment only.


Hi Danville,

Here is another community member who had the treatment three times and found results. You should check out their review, it might help with furthering your results. Please keep me updated, and thanks for being an active community member.


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The doctor is very nice and professional, but I think this laser needs to have more then one treatment to have good results.

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