Massive Fluid Buildup After Liposuction

I did the liposuction to remove all the fat...

I did the liposuction to remove all the fat accumulated in my body as a result of years of un-successful infertility treatment. This was affection my health and I just had to remove it.

I had liposuction of multiple areas last week and felt good until last night when my body start filling up with massive fluid and keeps increasing. It is very burning and painful especialy in the kidney area and also I feel short of breath and very tired. I am very worried about my heart, lungs and kidney. Is my life in danger? How to solve this? Please help.
I hope you called your doctor immediately. I give my home number to all my patients.with shortness of breath this can be serious. if it is still there go to the ER
I am a nurse and I believe that you should call your physician and go immediately to the emergency room. If you are short of breath and filling up with fluid you could be very ill. If you were feeling well and these are new symptoms they may not even be related to your surgery but I would want to rule out anything including post operative infection. Go ! Don't take chances with your life. Good luck ! K
IMHO, if you are worried about your health then you should call your doctor. While some fluid retention and swelling can be normal, I think it's better to be safe than sorry and speak to him/her about it. Do you have any history that might explain the tiredness and shortness of breath?
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