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I had fat injection in my lips 2 days ago and I...

I had fat injection in my lips 2 days ago and I would like to know how to reduce swelling. My lips look really big, much bigger than I asked, and unnatural. My doctor said that the major swelling should disappear after 1-2 days. However, I didn't notice any improvement yet. Do you know how I can reduce swelling? Should I try ice? I read on this forum that it might take weeks for swelling to disappear. Please help, I am desperate.

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I'm looking into doing fat transfer to my lips and mouth area. Did you have much bruising and would you do this again? How long would you say I need to take off of work? Do you still like it or not? I hear that some of the fat can dissolve after time have you had that problem?

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Thank you Sharon for your reply and for the link. I am doing slightly better but still my upper lip is huge. I am trying not to move my mouth (little talking and eating) and I hope that it helps.
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Thank you for sharing your experience. Are you doing any better today?

According to the replies to a similar question in our Doctor Q&A forum, fat transfer swelling can last for weeks, not days. :-/ Here's the link: How long does it take after fat transfer for lips to feel and look normal?

Hope that helps and please keep us updated!

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