Mouth Width Shortened After Augmentation? - California

Pro: fuller lips con: lost lip width/ altered...

pro: fuller lips

con: lost lip width/ altered smile

This procedure was done in conjunction with lower face lift to fill and even out lips. After six months, I still have a stiff, unnatural looking smile and am anxious to find a solution.

I had fat/scar tissue graft to my lips six months ago and although my lips are somewhat fuller, the width of my mouth seems significantly shorter which alters my smile a lot. The doc said that the tissue would soften but it still feels tight. Is there anything I can do to correct this?

I had advanta implants about 5 years ago. After about 2 months, my lips were no bigger, and it has been permanently shortend. Its not the end of the world for me, but i cant smile as big as I had before. I have also had silicon injections, and love them!
That's similar to my result. Looks fine when I'm not smiling but looks like a fake smile when I try to smile because top lip curls under and my mouth is shorter in width than is used to be. Several people have told me that it can take up to nine months before things settle and soften so be patient. Good luck.
I had permafacial lip aug. in early July 2009, on the top and bottom lip. I had somewhat thin lips (not super thin but I always felt like I need lipstick,liner,gloss at all times to look "normal")I really like the results. I feel like I can go without anything or just gloss and feel confident. My bottom lip is perfect but on my top lip the scar tissue developed thickly on one side forcing the implant to be pushed to one side and looks off center when I smile widely. You can't really tell when I'm not smiling really big. I have an appointment in a week to have it "repositioned". My smile width has also been shorted dramaticly. It looks weird. I asked my Doc about it and she told me to do my stretching exercisies and it will eventually loosen up. It's only been 3 1/2 months I guess, just wondering if anyone else has had this happen? I'm getting a little freaked out.
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Great doc who's performed several procedures for me

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