Peri-orbital Pixel Laser for a Guy - Arroyo Grande, CA

I am 45 and have moderate sun damage around my...

I am 45 and have moderate sun damage around my eyes. Just had my laser resurfacing done 4 hours ago. First they put numbing cream and then gave me a pill to relax me, since I had a driver. Then they injected a couple of additional numbing shots around my eyes. (I had a driver to take me home) The procedure hurt more than I expected. Felt like they were blasting one single hole in my face at a time rather than a series of grids. It felt like I was getting needle injections over and over again. I made it thur,but could occasionally smell burning flesh. On a scale of 1-10, the pain was about a 7.

It burned after wards for about an hour, then just felt puffy. Now (after 4 hours), the skin looks puffy and kind of grid-like. Maybe its the puffiness, but the wrinkles are gone right now. I have a little minor bleeding and have already re-applied the CU3 cream. I took a 2 hour nap when I got home and woke up hungry. Now I wait. The area I had done can be compared to how much skin a Bat-man mask covers.

I don't regret the procedure at all at this point. I will have to post again tomorrow and let you know how I progress.

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He is a good, reputable Doctor and put me at ease and explained everything as he went.

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Damn, I had pixel today .It hurt like hell. Between a scale of 1 to 10. My pain was 9.5. I am kind of worry right now cuz I am bleeding in my chin area. It looks like bunch of red spots all over. Will I scar from this????
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Just had this procedure an hour ago. At a low level. Tech said I should see nice results with one or two more treatments. I was very nervous and scared after research and other's stories. It really did not hurt as bad as I imagined and now the burnig is subsibing. I suppose it has more to do with your pain tolerance, and I have a very low pain threshold The burning feels like hot hot chili on my face, never had a sun burn so I can't realte to that feeling. Tech applied heavy makeup after the procedure. I'm taking off a full week for the healing, just to be safe.
I suffer from Melasma discloration brought on by the magical things that take place in your 40s! I'm also hoping to get an overall renewed appearance. Will post again in a day or so, but so far it's not as traumatic as I imagined.
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So? How is your skin looking now? Would you say it was worth it?
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Day 4, 96 hours. Was able to go out today to a couple of stores (OSH, Big 5) I wore my sunglasses most of the time because around my eyes are still pink/red and a tiny bit puffy. My friend told I just looked a little sunburnt, but I could still see the traces of the grid pattern on my face even though the brown dots came off previously. The sunscreen I wore did not sting my skin. Because of the zinc in it, it made my skin look less red. Day 5, 120 hours. All the swelling is gone, and my skin really does look good. My eyes really itch and I had to get out of bed early as I woke up rubbing my eyes without even knowing I was doing so. The only area that is just a little red and still tender is the outside corners of my eyes. I will have no problem showing my face today in public. If I had to go back to work today, I think I would be able to get away with it without anyone being suspicious. My guess is that they might ask me if I got some sun during my time off and they may even tell me I look rested. I see a dramatic reduction in my wrinkles, but I am assuming others won't notice as much since most people are not concerned with my face or wrinkles. I am really happy I got this done. I had it done on Tuesday and today is Sunday. I didn't ask the doctor what setting he used, but it was strong since we are only planning on having it done once. If I don't follow up again tomorrow, then I will follow up again in about a week to let you know if the wrinkle start to come back or not. :)
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72 hours into this and now all the little brown dots are gone. My face looks a lot better, could probably get away with going out if I had to. My eyes are still a little puffy underneath. My skin is a little red/pink and very very tender. My skin is soaking up the ointment a lot faster now and my skin is also itchy. Today I put jojoba oil on after I washed my face, and then covered that with the CU3 cream. The doctor said that on day 4 (tomorrow) I can start wearing sunscreen. He gave me a sample of sunscreen... I hope it will be gentle on my skin... I will let you know tomorrow. I wonder what my face will look like in another day or two. At some point I hope to tell you how many days it took before I looked normal again. It's not day 3, ha ha.
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After the first 24 hours past, my face was swollen especially around the eyes and cheeks. No pain since the first couple of hours after the procedure, but I could feel the puffiness. My skin is red and the grid pattern is very visible and my skin is dark red at the treated area. I am now at about 48 hours after the procedure. The swelling has went down considerably, but still a little puffy under the eyes. The dots brown now and a little itchy. I have been putting the CU3 cream on since day one to keep the skin moist. Also, I wash my face twice per day with cetaphil and then re-apply the CU3. I have a follow up apt with the Dr. in a few hours. I hope he agrees with me that I am recovering quickly. But if you saw me right now, you would probably take a double look and wonder what is up with my face, ha ha. Maybe another post tomorrow.
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