Peri-orbital Pixel Laser for a Guy - Arroyo Grande, CA

I am 45 and have moderate sun damage around my...

I am 45 and have moderate sun damage around my eyes. Just had my laser resurfacing done 4 hours ago. First they put numbing cream and then gave me a pill to relax me, since I had a driver. Then they injected a couple of additional numbing shots around my eyes. (I had a driver to take me home) The procedure hurt more than I expected. Felt like they were blasting one single hole in my face at a time rather than a series of grids. It felt like I was getting needle injections over and over again. I made it thur,but could occasionally smell burning flesh. On a scale of 1-10, the pain was about a 7.

It burned after wards for about an hour, then just felt puffy. Now (after 4 hours), the skin looks puffy and kind of grid-like. Maybe its the puffiness, but the wrinkles are gone right now. I have a little minor bleeding and have already re-applied the CU3 cream. I took a 2 hour nap when I got home and woke up hungry. Now I wait. The area I had done can be compared to how much skin a Bat-man mask covers.

I don't regret the procedure at all at this point. I will have to post again tomorrow and let you know how I progress.

Damn, I had pixel today .It hurt like hell. Between a scale of 1 to 10. My pain was 9.5. I am kind of worry right now cuz I am bleeding in my chin area. It looks like bunch of red spots all over. Will I scar from this????
Just had this procedure an hour ago. At a low level. Tech said I should see nice results with one or two more treatments. I was very nervous and scared after research and other's stories. It really did not hurt as bad as I imagined and now the burnig is subsibing. I suppose it has more to do with your pain tolerance, and I have a very low pain threshold The burning feels like hot hot chili on my face, never had a sun burn so I can't realte to that feeling. Tech applied heavy makeup after the procedure. I'm taking off a full week for the healing, just to be safe.
I suffer from Melasma discloration brought on by the magical things that take place in your 40s! I'm also hoping to get an overall renewed appearance. Will post again in a day or so, but so far it's not as traumatic as I imagined.
So? How is your skin looking now? Would you say it was worth it?
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He is a good, reputable Doctor and put me at ease and explained everything as he went.

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