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Juvaderm Plus Did Not Work on my Lips

I had juvaderm done in my lips. my doctor used a...

i had juvaderm done in my lips. my doctor used a entire vial. it lasted for three weeks! i went right back to my doctor and she was shocked. so she used juvaderm ultra. it looked great for two weeks and by the third week it was gone again. why isn't juvaderm working for my lips?

i have never used juvaderm before. today i went to see my doctor again three weeks since the second time i had the juvaderm and my doctor was perplexed. she said maybe we should try a different filler.

i had juvaderm in my lips and it looked great for two weeks and then it started to fade away? by the third week the juvaderm completely faded away. i went right back to the same doctor who did the juvaderm and she was surprised and she then added juvaderm ultra. well its been three weeks and again it's faded away! how come its not working on me?


No, the second one she did not charge. The third she did charge me and now I am not doing it anymore because it does not work for me.
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Did you have to pay for next injection?
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I wonder if she diluted it. some doctors do that. I put Juve in my top lip almost a year ago, and it is still there. I used straight up Juve 24.
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my doctor is great with everything else that i get done.

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