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If I had known when I started that Invisalign...

If I had known when I started that Invisalign could mis-align teeth that did not have a problem, I would have chosen metal braces! What a shock and disappointment, after almost 2 years of enduring the excessive salivation, lisping, grinding, etc. My front teeth are worse than before I started!! Now, I must go to full metal braces and start all over again. Bummer!!

I understand what you're saying, but that wasn't the case with me. We are now correcting with braces those two teeth that the aligners shortened.
Actually, the braces are far more comfortable, less of a hassle than the aligners which are not so accurate, and slower, and now my husband can understand what I'm saying. Wish I knew all this earlier. It would have saved me time, in addition to the hassle.
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I just read your comment, I dont know your case but even though you think some teeth may not need to be aligned they need to be shifted so the other teeth can make their proper movements. Or maybe it was too difficult a case and it just wasn't for you even though you were told otherwise :( Sorry it didn't work out for you.
Thank you for your kind words. I am seeing an orthodontist with impeccable credentials. I think she just trusted what Invisalign sent, and the fit was not ideal.
I mentioned that my tooth looked shorter and she rationalized it saying, "We're not done yet." The office also has so many patients, although most of them are in traditional braces. I've decided to co-operate with the switch to metal braces, as I have invested so much and I am more sure of their experience with them. Not sure how I could have done anything differently. Maybe there is a silver lining somewhere.
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