Beside Hyaluronidase , Restylane Can Removal by Surgery ? - California

Beside Hyaluronidase to dissolving Restylane ,...

Beside Hyaluronidase to dissolving Restylane , Restylane can removal by surgery ?

i had injected Restylane 4 months ago, but now, 2 side at my cheek have blue bruise , seem it will never fade away. But i don't want use Hyaluronidase.

now , two sides at my cheek where have Restylane , i see tint blues , i don't know how reduce that blue . look like blue bruise or , it inside skin . i can't makeup hide it , because it will appear when i stand the white light or sunlight. i'm so sad. i'm stuck.

Hi hanji,

Wow, still bruised after 4 months, oh my that's horrible. You might want to check out the doctors answers to the question Restylane Side Effects.One doctor mentions there can be possible infection. I wonder if that is what's happening. You might want to go check out another doctor and see if they can help. Please keep us updated.

Thanks and have a good week!


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