Hopeful and Positive then Disappointed and Worth 7k Less Than Before

I looked good for about a month (probably due to...

I looked good for about a month (probably due to swelling)then it started to go down from there. (I was told it lasted five to seven years) I never had acne,and I suspect that this procedure is mainly for those who have scars etc. My formerly smooth skin now has brown rough spots, and you can see where the fraxel laser was on my skin just like a fork creating new lines in several places. Just above the mouth the sides of the mouth, under the eyes and the chin. I look much worse than before and really see no positives other then some stretch-like marks next to my ears that went away. Howver, that skin was still smooth and could easily be covered up by makeup. These other issues since this procedure will not cover no matter what I try. I may have been burned on the cheeks where the very red dark spots are still there after a full year.

Don't do it! Especially if you are over 50. I don't even know what I could do to return to normal again. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Dr. really tried to help me but all that he did just made matters worse once again. It is the machine, but I also believe the Dr. should have known that my type of skin was not right for this procedure.


I am so very sorry - I completely empathsize with you - I feel the same way. How many Fraxels did you have? I am 6.5 months out and I'm considering a microlaser peel in the areas that I have the lines - I have lines around my smile lines. What are your lines like? Mine seem to be made up of microholes. Is the "blackened look" under both eyes hyperpigmentation? Or is it bruising?
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How is your skin now almost a year and a half later?!
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It looks worse now and has a blackened look under both eyes just above the cheeks. The smaller lines are still there so I now wear big glasses everywhere. I hate it and I don't live the life I once did. I am going on, trying to be positive but the underlying sadness is still there every day.
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Depends on age and type of skin you have - not good for wrinkles in fact, made more

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