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Had 2nd treatment done 5 days ago...and I am ok...

Had 2nd treatment done 5 days ago...and I am ok now, but day 4 and 5 ( same as last time) were horrible. Purple swollen whiteheads and red itchy flaky with whiteheads on my chin...looked like a monster.

Didn't really hurt the first time, 2nd time hurt ( snapped and stung more) but the recovery...NO WAY you could go back to normalcy. First day sure, maybe even 2nd day...but I got worse with the pimples and peeling later on in the week. Be prepared. Yet to see any difference in my skin...I am 42 and not many wrinkles...just around eyes...really frustrated.


Well I knew what to expect, but now 13 days out and eyes are still black and red in creases and cheeks are a bit swollen ( although they don't look it) dr. says they are which is why eyes look hollow. Not pretty, actually feel like I made the biggest mistake ever. Eyes look worse than before ...lines are still on forehead, and look worse bc fraxel got rid of some freckles so lines are more noticeable.
Not thinking I will do the third treatment. They say I need to so I can see a difference...but now...well I cry every day and hope to God that I will look the way I did before.
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Hi madre, 

Oh that recovery time does not sound fun at all. But it sounds like you knew what to expect as you have had this procedure before. It's been almost a week or so since your procedure did things clear up? What did you do about the whiteheads? This is really important info for the community. 



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