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This will be brief this time, but I will return...

This will be brief this time, but I will return for a more detailed review with a link to my daily blog. I had my first LSL surgery in July, with emphasis on the neck area. It was a failure, and LSL recognize this; therefore, they performed a corrective surgery, but it didn't do the job; in fact, my face (specifically the jawline and neck) looks stranger.

My face looked better before. I still wear scarves today, like before, to hide my turkey neck. After the second surgery, LSL admitted that it was also a failure, so they offered me a refund of most of what I paid. "We'll take care of you," the surgeon and general manager assured me. However, weeks and weeks passed, and still, I wasn't getting the refund.

After a follow-up, I received a call a few days ago from LSL corporate office and was told that the "Medical Review Board" decided to refund only $1,000 of the fee paid. I told them they will hear from my attorney. I am now searching for a lawyer with experience in cosmetic surgery case.

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My doctor's qualifications seemed impressive enough that's why I chose him. He was very friendly and professional. He assured me that I would be happy with the results, and that I would look 10-15 years younger. But he failed to achieve the promised results for me.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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I just took a Plastic Surgeon to Small Claims court today. (Not for the LSL though) The judge has not issued a judgement yet, but if anything I felt better watching the doc sweat it for 3 hours in the courtroom waiting with contractors and smog test shop owners. And, since he was not in the office this morning, I am sure he has some financial loss too. Simply, if he had refunded me even partially, I would have moved on....but he wouldn't so I felt small claims was my only option.
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I have dealt with Dr Hilinski too. I spent money with a lawyer....what really get them is reviews and a complain to the Medial Board. Like you when I asked for a refund he dismissed me from his practice. I spent a lot of money fixing the mess that he did on me. At the time I thought I was just an unlucky patient as he said what happened to me only happens to 1%, but other doctors said he was neglectful. Glad to know he had his time in court.
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oh that is a terrible scar and I am sorry for your experience --believe me I have that kind of scarring too all around my ears. LSL was the worst experience of my life.
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Dear Disgruntled,
Bless your heart for being subject to that pain twice! However it is an all too familiar story. You need to call your States Attorney Generals Consumer Complaints Division and their Board of Medical Licensing. Also Florida Attorney Generals office, Gregory Jackson or Jessica Scott at 904-348-2720. They currently have an on-going investigation. Get yourself a lawyer well. In my state the statute of limitations is a year to file suit. It might be different in your state. Companies like this who perform surgeries in non surgical settings are not allowed in every state, only the ones whose laws are lax enough to let them in.
All the best,
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Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. I am surprised that they offered you any kind of refund at all. I do hope that you can find an attorney to take your case, but you may find that they will charge you more than the monies you have already spent out. You can always take them to small claims court, especially since they admitted wrong. What made you decided on the LSL and did you get a 2nd opinion from another DR? Thanks for the info, and take care. Best, Chrystal Eckes
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Chrystal Eckes,
You are wrong. Most attorneys in tort cases or medical malpractice charge fees based on a contingency. The attorney only gets paid if you win. If it is an open and shut case they usually do.
The medical malpractice insurance usually pays but the doctors rates might go up. Hopefully she went to a doctor that had coverage and good credit otherwise she is out of luck.

I would look for a medical malpractice attorney for this. I would also report the doctor to the board of medicine where he practices he could then be stopped from hurting anyone else.
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Medical Malpractice attorney's generally don't take cases which are "small potatoes", under $100,000. At 20% of the winnings it would not net them that much money. The client is responsible for the cost of depositions etc. along the way, and many times the expenditures of afore mentioned and other expenses incurred along the way can actually surmount the caps on compensations allowable by law. See what I mean? And corporate monsters know about such things. They know about statute of limitations in each state they are allowed to operate in, they know how to put off unhappy and damaged people, until that statute has expired... they know it all. Slick, huh?
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BVJ, Sorry to disagree after seeing 3 attorneys. I know what I went through, yes I would win but it would cost more to argue the case than what I would get back, not worth it. They did not kill me and it was elective surgery. And if you can find an Attorney that will take on a Med Mal LSL case you are either dead or close to it. Don't believe me? Google it. What you will find is mainly where LSL sues others. They do have an in-house staff of lawyers and are more than willing to slap a lawsuit on anyone that seems to threaten them in anyway. You are right about reporting the doctor to the Board of Medicine, Attorney General, BBB, etc. She may be able to go file a case in small claims court. Best, Chrystal Eckes
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