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Cosmelan Didn't Work for Me - California

I bought cosmelan from ebay. They claimed it was...

I bought cosmelan from ebay. They claimed it was the old formula and I guess it really was because I peeled A LOT! I heard that with the new cosmelan, you don't really peel. I got cosmelan because I have brown spots on my cheeks that I got from using Proactiv and not wearing sunscreen. I've had the spots for 5 or 6 years and nothing seems to get rid of them!

Anyway, I applied the cosmelan mask for 10 hours to my entire face and occluded the mask with saran wrap. The next morning my face was a little red, but I didn't look too bad. I started right away using the cosmelan 2 (which was the new formula) three times a day, followed by Hydra-vital factor K lotion. It took a couple days for the peeling to start, but when it did, it was really bad! I've used TCA peels before and the peeling looks like thin sheets of skin. It's a little embarrassing, but I still feel ok to go out in public. With cosmelan though, the peeling is different. It is really ugly and looks terrible! I couldn't leave the house for two weeks. My face was in pain the first few days also.

I continued using the cosmelan 2 three times a day for three weeks, then two times a day for another three weeks, then once a day until the jar was gone. After all that, the spots on my face didn't improve at all. The rest of my skin did look really soft and smooth, but for the cost and pain and looking terrible for two weeks, it was not worth it!

I’m sorry to hearing you have performed a Cosmelan treatment. I also had a terrible experience with this product. Two years ago I went to a doctor for a depigmentation treatment. I had very ugly blemishes on my cheeks that appeared after my pregnancy. Doctor recommended me two sessions with cosmelan 1 mask and a maintenance daily home regimen with cosmelan 2 cream. The feeling of the mask on my face was horrible as it is a very aggressive product. Remarkable redness lasted more than a month. Two days after the treatment my skin suffered a very strong flaking and my skin became very dry and sensitive. I used the maintenance cream for three months (I couldn’t stand this unpleasant feeling any longer). When I stopped using the cream, blemishes reappeared and even turned worse. Very dark post inflammatory hiperpigmentations appeared. Of course I change the dermatologist and now I have been informed that it will be very difficult to remove the new hyperpigmentations. Just now I know that cosmelan contains some illegal and dangerous substances (such as hydroquinone and resorcinol) that provokes irreversible side effects, even cancer. I advise not to use this kind of products that are effective at the beginning but not in the long run. Please, go to your doctor as soon as possible to try to solve this big disaster.

Hi Violett, 

Wow, you were dedicated ;) to getting rid of those spots. Well at least you gained softer skin from it. Other community members have mentioned those DYI at home peels and what not are hard to use. 

Thank you!


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