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I'm 25 years old. born & raised in Cali and i...

I'm 25 years old. born & raised in Cali and i have mild hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone from the sun!

I went for my first vitalize chemical peel a few days ago. Day 1 I left my treatment a little red. Day 2 I thought it didn't work, no peeling yet. Day 3 I looked a little bit darker, started to peel around my chin and outward area. Day 4 I'm peeling pretty good! I'm pleased with the results already, I can see how these will be addicting! I'm going to get another as soon as I am ready for it.


Uh-oh, a new addiction! ;) I've been considering doing a chemical peel once summer is over, but haven't decided which one to try. I'll be interested to continue to hear how you like the results of the Vitalize peel.

How peel-y are you today? Also, I would be curious to know if you felt fine going out in public the entire time, or was there a day or two where the peeling was a bit too much to feel comfortable?

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