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So, i just came back from what was supposed to be...

So, i just came back from what was supposed to be my first Velashape session but it hurt so much we had to stop almost immediately. The girl seemed to expect me to have unbearable pain and was repeatedly saying we could stop at anytime and I could get a facial instead. She indicated that many people find it much too painful to proceed and even said she did her inner thighs and it was hell. Then she told me older people feel it more. Uh, I'm not that old. So after 3 tries we called it quits, but I usually have a pretty high pain tolerance and this is a little hard to believe. It was a Groupon deal so I wonder if they just wanted to get me in and out. Is it really supposed to hurt that much?


Was this Athenix? They've got another Groupon special on sale and I was really considering purchasing. Hmmm...second thoughts now.
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Yup, and funny enough I just got an email from them suggesting that the Groupon value can be applied to micro-contouring. That's much more costly lipo type procedure. I got a full refund but it does seem a little bait-and-switchy doesn't it?
http://www.realself.com/question/velashape-treatment-doneand-shocked-painful According to the doctor who answered on that page, they had the machine WAY too high!
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