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I'm Really Going to Do It! - California, CA

First off!! I LOve this site!! Really helpful! Let...

First off!! I LOve this site!! Really helpful! Let me start,, I'm almost 43 years young!! lol, I've had 3 C-section, been married for 25 years,My highest weight was 230 im down to 165lbs, I had the Gastric Sleeve done in 2010, Im so happy i did it, I have lost a total of 65 pounds, I hate the extra skin and fat that hangs over, and tired of hiding it! This site is the best, I'm read it almost everyday! and thank u again for so much information, and being so reall! Im so excited that im doing this, of course scared, I'm getting nervous the time is coming!

I had my Preop appointment on Tuesday Dec. 4, it...

I had my Preop appointment on Tuesday Dec. 4, it went good, Now Im totally excited, like a little kid! My PS said that i dont need MR just the TT, anyone else just getting TT with no MR? Im kind of glad about that, maybe that mean faster recovery, crossing my fingers.. I keep looking at my tummy, I pull on it, squeeze it, i tuck it, I cant even image myself with out this ugly thing hanging over my underwear,, lol Im going to take pictures this week, My husband tells me not to tell friends that im having a TT, he so weid! Im not ashame about it, talk to u soon!!

OK,,, Ladies,, the time is here, tomorrow I go in...

OK,,, Ladies,, the time is here, tomorrow I go in for my TT w/ no MR, I still can't believe it,, I will post pictures soon, wish me luck!!
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Hey there, just checking on you!!! So glad you made it to the flat side!!!
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Hi, hope everything went well for you. once all the healing is done you will look great. Take care of yourself. suzi x
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Good luck!! I've been so nervous all day I'm nauseated! I'm scheduled for 7am. First surgery of the day
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I'm also on the 14th!! Good luck n keep us posted!!
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Welcome to the site!!! It can be addictive so be careful!! LOL. I too am scheduled in December!!! (12/18) here's to crossing the great divide!!!!! Hey how tall are you?
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Mine is December 14 too!! Not too long from now! 44 days!
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Welcome to RealSelf.  I am so happy you joined the community and look forward to being on this journey with you.  

You have done a fantastic job with the weight loss so now time to finish up.   You are going to be so happy removing the extra skin!   You will be a totally new woman soon.  


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Good luck. Hope all goes well.
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