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I noted the amount that I have spent (at least) in...

I noted the amount that I have spent (at least) in the past year. I had a significant amount of facial fat loss, starting with my undereye area, sagging right through my cheeks, ending up with deep nasolabial folds and creases around my mouth. I started injections around my 35th bday. I gained and lost a lot of weight with the birth of my son (age 3 at that time), that plus the sleep deprivation really kicked the aging process into high gear for me. It has taken me approximately 12 months to become truly "happy" with my results. I think depending on the amount of "rebuilding" you may need, your patience, and your financial means...these are all major factors in how happy you will be with this treatment. In my situation, it was unrealistic to expect one doctor visit and one or even two syringes in the course of the year to make a big difference.

If you are unhappy with your face sagging overall and need treatment in your eyes, cheeks, folds, and chin, it will definitely take time to get the right balance back to your face. You may also need to try out different types of doctors until you find someone you click with, who you feel comfortable coming back to when an issue comes up with your appearance. I found it difficult to talk to certain types of people about my insecurities. I felt embarrassed that I was "nitpicking" but at the same time, very frustrated by that feeling. Who doesn't get a little touchy when it comes to their face? Especially a woman in her mid 30s seeking cosmetic treatment.

As far as the undereye area, when administered properly, this product is nothing short of a miracle. If I had left all other areas of my face alone and only concentrated on the eyes, I still would have seen an incredible improvement in my face. I had very puffy eye bags, delightful greenish gray coloring that was impossible to cover with makeup, that literally started moving down my cheeks. Reducing the appearance of those alone takes years off your looks. People finally stopped telling me I was "tired" all the time.

If you are in your mid 30s like me, feel depressed with how much you already feel impacted by the aging process, and want to buy yourself some more fun and confidence into your 40s, I can't recommend this treatment enough! But persevere if you are not happy. Definitely don't settle for second best as far as your physician. If you start conservatively and gradually increase the amount of product you won't find yourself in a bad situation. It is definitely an "art" form. Good luck!

Hi Britt, I will have to work up the nerve to post some photos. The before and after is impressive, however, I'm just starting to "out" myself with friends and family! LOL!

I have experienced swelling and bruising differently with every treatment, but always to some degree. It goes away pretty quickly (7-10 days, within 1 or 2 days I don't feel embarrassed to go out). I have noticed that the injector has a lot to do with the amount of swelling. Bruising seems like a matter of luck. It is also very difficult to avoid in the eye area.

I have settled on a dermatologist in San Francisco that I love very much. She is extremely gentle in her approach with the needle and somehow manages to avoid causing all that much swelling. I'm very reactive to swelling and bruising, so I have come to the conclusion that the worst swelling and bruising has a lot to do with technique. Even with the amount that I have had done.

I will definitely continue this treatment!

HI Santa,

Welcome to the Restylane community. That's awesome it worked so well for you. Did you have any swelling or bruising? Will you continue to do this in the future. Please keep us updated and if you have pictures to share we would love to see them.

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