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Pear Laser Has Ruined my Skin! - California, CA

I got Pearl (non-fractional) laser to improve the...

I got Pearl (non-fractional) laser to improve the texture of my skin including mild orange peel, fine lines and discoloration. A few days after, it looked like it had removed my pigmentation problems on my cheeks but nothing for the texture. Ever since then, my skin has gotten worse and worse. It now has lumpy white bumps and discoloration in areas where I never had it before.
Please tell me if this ever happens to other patients?? what I can do to treat it? and will it go away or keep getting worse? Everyday my skin keeps looking more horrible. I'm so depressed...

My skin had a little bit of the bad texture and discoloration. After it is 100% worse!!!

The texture is the biggest problem.... All the collagen is also draining from my face....

More before and after

I can't believe this is my face now

Skin is looking better 2 months after pearl and one month after laser genesis

My skin is starting to look a little better. I still have not heard anything from doctors on what could have possibly gone wrong. It is a horrible experience to be embarrassed to have people look at your face when you spend $1000s to look better.
Blue Medispa

It probably wasn't her fault. The Pearl Laser and Genesis must just have this effect on some people. I hope that anyone reading this will never try what I did!!!

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How are you doing now? The same exact thing just happened to me. I am 3 weeks out but I am afraid the damage is permanent.
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Well yes and no. I have spent $1000s on creams and serums since then. The lumpy bumpiness has started to go down however the areas that were focused on during the lasers treatments are scared with track marks and over enlarged pores that I fear is there forever. I have so many fine lines which are actually laser lines in between the pores. I never had any of this before. Now my worst areas which were the top of my cheeks don't even look as bad as the newly damaged areas. It's horrible. I hope you are a faster healer than me. If you get a chance please send me a pic privately so I can compare. Thanks
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HI there, I am thrilled you are starting to see some improvement, that is great news!!

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Hi Eva, I got an email that you sent me a private message but the problem I'm having is I'm not able to log in to my inbox. It asks for my password and when I choose the forgotten password link, I'm entering in my email but it's not sending me a link to reset. Basically, I forget my password. Sorry for posting it here but I can't inbox you. I can read your personal messages in the email body, just can't access them on this site. Any help would be appreciated! Tara
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Ok, I will look into this for you....stay tuned.

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Hi there! Sorry you had those results. Does your skin now have some track marks around the eyes? Today is September 4. I had a micro fractional laser done 3 weeks ago and my pores look bigger - but it's actually not my natural pores, rather it's holes left from the laser in perfect patterns. Also, I still have noticeable track marks around my eyes. I'm hoping it all gets better but after 3 weeks I'm starting to worry. Hopefully you're improving with time.
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Hi, sorry you are having to suffer the pain I have. It's now been about 3 1/2 weeks since laser genesis and 1month & 3 weeks since my pearl. I think my bumpy texture is getting better. I am planning to take some pictures in the same light as I took the other ones to re-evaluate. I still have the same thing that you described though - holes, that look like enlarged pores, and track marks. It's terrible but I also think that with time it has started to get somewhat better. I have been following a grueling skin care regime that includes lots of vitamin C (from facial spray and also eating/drinking it), and then layers of other products throughout the day. If you want I can give you the names. At this point, my hope is that my skin can get back to where it was before the layers!!!!!
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Thanks for replying so promptly! I had the iPixel Co2 done. My doctor went once around my entire face and 6 stacks around my eyes and mouth, which was bloody painful! And probably the reason why it's taking so long for me to heal. I live abroad where the products you use are probably not available but if you send me the names I'll search for them. I've been using "Factor A E" since day 1, as per doctor's orders. It only has 3 ingredients: vitamins A & E as well as Allantoin. This is what I just learned about allantoin: It's moisturizing and keratolytic, meaning that it causes keratin in the skin to soften. This property helps skin to heal more quickly and to bind moisture more effectively, making products containing allantoin useful for dry skin and for healing wounds, burns, and scars. Plus I'm taking extra C and B with my multivitamins. My doctor said to wait at least another month or so in order to start seeing good results but after reading reviews about the patterned skin and large pores possibly being permanent I kind of freaked out. On a positive note, other than the lingering track marks, the my crows feet and under the eyes look fabulous! Wrinkles and sun damage GONE and as smooth as baby skin! Looking forward to hearing about your progress :) I'm going to post a review in a few weeks once I have a better idea of the final results.
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Wow. I didn't realize how long my reply was until after I sent it. :-/
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Hi, is your skin getting any better? Mine is improving a little but still the large pores/track marks. Let me know how you are doing. It is so hard to tell if things are improving or I am just getting used to having horrible skin...
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Thank you for sharing this experience. I hope you find support from our community.

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