20 Years Old Breastfed 3 Babies. Considering Saline Implants.

I'm 20 years old. I started having babies young. I...

I'm 20 years old. I started having babies young. I got married when I was 16 and am still happily married with three beautiful children :) I nursed all three and am currently nursing an 8 month old. I started looking into breast augmentation because before I had children I was measured as a 34DD I can still wear that same size it never really changed while breastfeeding. But I've noticed my breasts are a little droopy now and have lost sooo much volume. :( Anyways I want to restore my youthful appearance and I want larger than before because I have a wide rib cage so I think it will look good. And I want a natural feel and appearance. I have read silicone is much more natural looking and feeling but I'm not 22. One dr. said I would qualify because I've nursed three babies. Idk if it's true it was online lol. But silicone also scares me I know its fda aprooved but I'm not sure that makes me feel %100 safe ha. Anyways I will try to keep you all posted I'm going to contune breastfeeding my last baby for a while and keep researching. we are leaking toward saline. My stats are 5'4 1/2 and in 132 lbs


I'm so glad you took the time to start your journey with us on RealSelf! Here are some important questions to ask when you start getting doctor consults. Be sure to look into whether or not you need a lift too. I've seen too many women try to avoid a lift, and then end up getting one 2 years or less after their breast augmentation. 

Glad to see you're commenting on other member's reviews. This is a great way for others to find you and help you build your own support network. Keep us posted as you continue to research!
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I will make sure to ask my PS tons of questions and make sure I get it all done right the first time lol. She may reccomend a tummy tuck too because I have some loose skin from pregnancy. And stretch narks. But we probably won't be able to afford that

waiting...bills bills bills

So hubby and I had a talk. Originally we were planning to do BA a couple month after I stopped nursing. Hopefully around February. Baby turns one in December. We have an expensive car payment with interest so we want to double it and pay our car of early before saving for a BA. Saving money in the long run. And this is our last baby so I figure I can nurse him for a year and a half and then wait two months before a consult. I already picked my PS and spoken with staff. So this puts us probably out to Nov 2015. I'm kind of bummed about this but know it will get us ahead quicker and before we spend almost 5 grand on boobs paying off something we need more seems more responsible. Hopefully if everyone is patient my review will help :) just have to wait a year :,,) bitter sweet


Yes, smart idea. Take your time and get it done right the first time. Ask several of the breast implant revision women. I'm certain they would agree. ;)

I cannot congratulate you enough on your decision to hold off on your BA until you can really afford it. I have 3 kids, so I know the cost of raising children is expensive. Good for you and of course we will have lots of patience waiting for your big day! I believe there is another new Nov 2015 BA member. I'll keep my eye out for her!
Thank you very much :) we arent totally sure when. We might be able to do it sooner but we are definitely going to think it through and it also depends on when my baby is done nursing we are trying to over estimate though so It's more realistic :) I'll look out for her :) that's cool u have three kids :) did unwrite any reviews have u had any procedures?
Glad you're nursing...you'll be happy when you're done but you'll also miss it. ;) I'd rather you over estimate than cut yourself short. Good for you! No reviews here but a lot of close experience with family members having breast cancer, breast reconstruction and augmentation! 

decisons. support. mommy make over?

Hubby and I talked. We are going to pay off our credit card debt which isn't very much and then pursue this journey. I haven't had a consultation yet but have spkoke with the staff where I'm planning on going and I know two patients personally so that helps. I'm considering getting a Minni or full tummy tuck as well as BA and want to have an umbilical hernia corrected as well. My tummy isn't horrible but there is muscle separation and loose skin. Im hoping to hear more from real self ladies than I have. Thanks for reading ;)

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emotional flip flopping

I really expected for my review to sound different lol. Its funny what you put on Here once u actually start writing. I could really use some support from other real self ladies. Those closest to me aren't very supportive of plastic surgery and I understand it. But it does make this journey a little tuffer. One minute I'm all for doing this and then the next I feel stupid and vein and selfish. :( I'm a Christian so I'm also not sure if maybe this is wrong? My husband and I talked about it and he reassured me. Ya know I'm not doing this for the world to see my body. But it's for us and my confidence as a young woman. I still feel kind of silly or ridiculous about it. But I'm tired of feeling like I don't look my age with my body and I want to be confident with myself. Even though I want to go quite a bit larger I'm hoping I can hide them if I want to lol I don't want people to for sure tell I've got them done. I got to thinking...is this really that much different than dying our hair every few weeks or going tanning or painting.our nails buying clothes etc. I think each human being deserves to feel beautiful and I shouldn't be so quick to judge others for their actions for whatever their reasonings are for doing whatever they r doing. I will worry about me and my own intentions. I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we don't NEED these procedures to be beautiful. But it sure would make me feel confident to look in the mirror and feel like I look 20 again ;) I'm so blessed to have my babies I'd never trade them for the world. But I'm only going to be 20 once. I don't need to party or go nuts that's not what I'm saying but I'd at least like to be comfortable iny own skin even if its plastic surgery altered. And that's my thoughts for today. Hope to hear from you soon fellow real selfers


I have to say I'm having the same feelings as you, only I'm 30 and not 20! I feel I'm still too young to hate my boobs and deserve to feel better about them after feeding my boys for over 2 years combined. But then on the other hand I think I'm being selfish and petty and should just accept that out bodies will change over our life time. I have to say the biggest factor stopping me is that currently my husband doesn't agree with getting a BA done. I'm hoping over time he will come to understand why I want to get it done and support me but until then I'm just doing plenty of research. I look forward to hearing about your journey xx
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Julz611 thanks for the comment ;) its nice to have some support. 30 is definitely young still. I think that everyone deserves to feel beautiful even if that means plastic surgery. There's a time and a place for it though. Fincials and spousal agreement all plays in to it. But I also believe like you that we should accept that our bodies change over time and that stretch marks and sagging skin is all apart of living out lives. I just don't want to feel this way. Its one of those things that you have to do for yourself. Which makes it sound really selfish but you really can't do it for anyone else. I hope your hubby comes around. But on the other hand at least he loves u just the way u r lol my husband wasn't for it for a long time and then after bugging him he was like what the heck bigger boobies might be fun lol he's the only one who is supportive of my decision to do it. I hope to hear all about your choices and journey ;)

horror stories.

I think those closest to me are done hearing about plastic surgery. The only one who supports getting it done is my husband. But I think even he might be tired of hearing about it. He is for my mommy make over or for me not doing it. He likes toned up tummies and big breasts but he loves me for me. So with that being said I'm kind of chickening out a bit. I want fuller breasts and no more loose skin but I've been reading real self horror stories and I just don't want to spend thousands of dollars and still be unhappy. Is this all just too cracked up? Is the media and peers pressing too hard that we need to look a certain way? I just don't know


Hi there!! Follow your heart. Many many people told me no and day after day I didn't like my own reflection. No amount of working out for sit ups would fix my tummy and my boobs were pancakes!! Stick close to supportive people. Only u know what u want in your heart so u have to go after it... It's so worth it. I would never look back. Start putting up pictures of bodies u want..so u have it to see daily. It's an emotional roller coaster but there's no better feeling when u see yourself naked and your like daaaaaammm Gina finally I love it!! I'm really excited for u. Get some consultations :)
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I wanted to come say "hi" here, too! :) It's so tough, isn't it? I'm 32, not 20, but I had my first baby at 20 and I was so shocked when I started looking the mirror afterwards. I felt like I didn't recognize myself anymore. My mom had 2 kids and her body snapped right back. She left the hospital wearing her pre-pregnancy jeans. She has no stretch marks, no saggy stomach and perky breasts. I never really thought about babies changing my body into something I didn't even recognize! I obviously expected changes... but GEEZ! Over 7 years, I had 3 more babies and, after 4 kids, my body doesn't feel like my own anymore. I eat well, I work out hard, I'm active and busy and I try to be fairly image conscious... to feel good about myself, not for anyone else. You are absolutely right, you DESERVE to look in the mirror and feel good. It sounds like you have a good plan to start putting money aside. I saved for years to make this happen. I think the mommy-guilt just goes with the territory. It means you are a good mom and a thoughtful wife who worries about providing for your family's needs. Just don't be afraid to provide for your own, too.
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Your story is very similar to mine. By looking at your pix as of right now... If u find "the dr" that u will let perform a MM on you... Your outcome would be ahhhhhhmaziiiiing! I know too how frustrating it is when u have finally decided to do what u need to do to getting that feeling of self beauty and ur sexy back. Ur story made me remember how many different, freak'n times something would come up that needed to be taken Care of and therefor would push my surgery back. 6months hear to get to this point, another month or 3 for this other thing that ALSO needs to be done before u can get the surgery. Finally after finding the dr I straight up told my husband that "if it were the other way around and you felt the way about your body like the way I feel about mine... Knowing there a fix out there... And yeah, it's expensive...but if you lost 2-3inches in ur dick size and there was a way to get those inches back... U'd have done whatever it takes to get that done immediately..." He finalllllly got it. All I'm saying is...there's always gonna be something that needs to be paid or whatever... That's life, but it's important for ur entire family's life... Since having mine don in July... I found the part of myself that I had almost forgotten over the years of being pregnant, breastfeeding and pump and Dump, and be of pooped or peed or spit up on... U know what I mean... It was nice to feel my sexy back. I'm happy, my husband is happy and bc of that my littles are too. So get that shit done lady! They have so many payment options these days...
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need a buddy.

Just when I start to get excited about the. Mommy makeover I try to councle with family and end up discouraged. They are very down to earth and find this all superficial, stupid, and down right not worth it. I have to admit being raised this way I do agree to some extent. I I don't want or need this for the world but how selfish to want it for just me. But I still want it. I want to be happy with who I am inside and out. I'm not someone who hates themselves I think surgical enhancement would make me happy. I'm not striving for perfection. But better than what I have. I'm not hidious or perfect. Just an imperfect mom wanting to match outside to inside. No one else needs to see it or know about it. Its for me and my husband. But here on real self I feel a bit safer and hope to help other ladies after I get through this journey , in one piece! I just wish I could get a little more feed back. I feel odd posting pics but when i see them on reviews it really helps. I'll see about posting naked ones. Might be after surgery I'll do before's and after's. Or private message. Again stats are 133 lbs 5'4 1/2 waist 31 bust 38 1/2 hips 36


Hey girl, do not let people discourage you, do what your heart tells you and what will make you feel better and more confident. It's not about having a body for other ppl to look at, it's about YOU! You only live once and will only be 20 once as you say, why is that superficial? Why would want to feel beautiful and confident be classified as superficial? Then everyone that goes to the gym or get their nails done are superficial, then all of us are. Honestly darling, do not let negative people let you down, they're only jealous of your courage and of your brave decision. Put your foot down and say, I'm doing it for ME no matter what they say. Plus, the most important person (hubby) encourages you, what else do you need? xxx
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Siena B.n Thanks for your comment. My phones memory was full so I didnt see all these amazing supportive comments!! I said the same thing about nails hair etc. There is a difference in price but still as humans we all have our own type of wordly desires so to speak. I think what matters is where your heart is when you make these decisions. My hubby has been great! Its so nice to get support from other people who know what I'm going through as well though!!
Of course, u're totally right. Women need to stand up for what they want and stop being pressured by family / society / other negative influences. Luckily it's the 21st century and you have lots of people that support u hun, there's nothing better that doing something for yourself and feeling great about it. I'm sure you deserve a bit of ME time now that you're young, and you have total right of wanting to feel beautiful and confident! it will not only help your relationship with yourself but it will also reflect in your attitude towards others. Nothing beats a confident woman! :) Uve got all my support xxx

wow! support!

Thank you so much real self girls! It feels so good to read all of these encouraging comments from.people who knows exactly what I'm going through :)


Hello :). Just read through your profile.. I'm sorry to hear that those closest to you are not understanding or supportive. All the lovely ladies who have commented here have summed it up very well and said everything that I would have said so I wont bother to be repetitive, but I just want to let you know we will definitely be here for you!!
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Anna1989 thank you! I really see that now and it's great :) it will be good to have people I can ask questions to who wont want to try and talk me out of this!
Honey I am a Christian & so is my husband of 19 yrs together 20ys! I breastfed our Son for 18 months, have had ovarian cancer, abdominal surgeries & other medical problems. This wasn't something that my husband wanted me to do, although he supported me & if it was something that would make me happy....he was all for it! If you & your husband feel like this is something that u 2 are ok with, it doesn't matter what ANY ONE thinks & as a matter of fact it's no one's business. God looks at your heart.... that's what matters! I love my new breasts & so does my husband. No one even can tell I had the surgery & I've only told a handful of people. If people ask we don't plan on lying, but honestly it's no one's place to judge u. If you're concerned about negative attention, honey be conservative & don't go too Big. Most people won't even know... You've breastfed your baby's, enjoy this next 12 months of breastfeeding & pray. You're young & you have time..... I definitely don't feel like God feels any differntly about me at all! I will keep u on my thoughts & prayers. Xoxoxoxo
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mommy makeover move.

Hey BA gal pals. Just wanted to let you know I moved on over to mm review and I've been updating it there. So just incase u guys wana keep following that's where I'll be! :)


And you already have nice boobs btw! :)
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Awe thank you. I'd like them to be fuller because they seem so empty now (out of a bra) I've seen some mini tummy tucks they sort of look off to me but so did full. Of they are done right they seem to look good. I didnt notice any stretch marks in your pics? I thought your tummy looked amazing
Excited for you! I would like to get a mini tummy tuck too. My skin isn't too loose, just very slightly but I hate my stretch marks and it can definitely be tighter. And don't listen to any of the negative things people have to say. They are probably have never felt how you do (or how any of us do). That crappy insecure feeling with our bodies. There's nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself! And to feel more beautiful! Every woman deserves that :) good luck!
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