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This is my second cycle of accutane my acne came...

This is my second cycle of accutane my acne came completely back after I stopped taking it. It has honestly had very negative effects on me and it has made me very depressed I know three people who have a similar experience. So I'd like I warn everyone if you have had depression be careful with choosing to take this medication.


I'm so sorry to hear you are experiencing depression. Please be sure to make your doctor aware of this if you haven't already. Its really important they know this. Keep us updated on how you are doing and whether or not you choose to continue with the Accutane.

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I actually know many people who have suffered with depression because of this medication. This is actualy my second cycle because my acne came back after a couple monthes so the doctor thought maybe I should try another round. Im three monthes into this cycle and I have noticed pretty severve mood swings that normally consist of crying spells. It's actually very confusing because I am normally a very very happy person. Thanks for tr concern:)

Ugh, its like you are having to deal with permanent PMS - no fun! I'll be hoping you feel better soon & sending you hugs between now & then.

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