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I had an incredibly lucky experience. Insurence...

I had an incredibly lucky experience. Insurence picked up the tab on everything.
Im only on my third day but I can do almost everything, I have no bruising or severe pain. As far as the procedure went, the worst part was waking up naseaus from anesthesia and the horrible feeling in my throat from the breathing tube. Other than that I am so happy! right away I noticed a difference in my posture, no more rediculous weight and sleeping has never been better.


I'm glad you are doing so well. The wrinkles and puckers I had seemed to smooth out as some of the swelling went down and everything started settling in to place. Make sure and point this out to your doctor at your next follow up if you are still concerned, or if you are really worried call and get in sooner. There is nothing wrong with being cautious. Good luck!
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I was over a DDD & a few weeks post-op. I use to mash my chest down with SPANDEX TANKS...I'm a MASTER SWIMMER & after gaining ALOT OF WEIGHT due to water retention & Thyroid issues. I highly recommend breast reduction with the Right Dr. As I have. What a relief & weight lifted off me. BUT ALL I CAN SAY ABOUT BREAST REDUCTION IS NO MATTER WHAT... TRUST IN YOUR DR. IS THE FIRST PLACE TO START. ANY PLACE, ANY DR., ANY RETAIL CAN Charge what they want... So CARE-CREDIT is the way to go. WHAT IS CHEAP THESE DAYS??? Breasts, Car, etc. I Believe in my Dr. I wish he did a TUMMY TUCk @ the sametime....Ha..! Ha..! But it was a NO GO & I NO HE NO's
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Welcome to RealSelf and thank you for posting your review.  It's now been a week and I am wondering how are you feeling?

Would love to hear what your pre op size was and what you are at now.

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