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My experience is very positive. I have always had...

My experience is very positive. I have always had nice breasts and over the years they had begun to sag and I was unhappy at their appearance.

My surgery, a mastopexy with implants, was painless and easy. The only inconvenience was the time that I had to lay off of my work-out routine. However, I was back working out to 75% capacity after 6 weeks. I had little to no pain post op and did not need any of the pain meds.

My surgeon was wonderful, as was the surgical staff and facility.

I am almost 5 months post-op and the scars have dramatically improved. I have been experimenting with using silicone strips to aid in the healing. Its difficult to tell if these have made a difference or not.


Thanks for posting your story here on RealSelf! Did you go with saline or silicone?

Looking forward to reading more and seeing your photos!

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My implants are silicone - 492cc

My implants are silicone - 492cc


I am having BL with aug on may 18, hope my results look as good as yours
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What a great job they look beautiful!!
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Pasadena. My dr is Martin O'Toole. He' s great the office team is wondeful as well
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I am very pleased with the outcome - I think that my breasts look wonderful. They are full and natural and have returned to the shape that they were several years ago. I have photos that I will post later

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