Mild Sagging Breast with Implant Only. One Month Post Op. Help!

I had mild sagging in my breast and opted for...

I had mild sagging in my breast and opted for implants only, as I am 23. I am now one month post op w/ 280cc silicone (i am 5'9,115lbs)...I am noticing that my right breast tissue has the appearance of falling off the implant, with bulging in the upper pole of my breast.

I had my surgery to lift my mild sagging size B breast. I went with 280 high profile silicone, and he lowered my left breast crease due to assemetry. At first, it resembled a double bubble and one month later, it looks great-now my right breast is looking wonky.

I love my overall new appearance and look amazing in bra's, just want to look good naked too:)

Is it too early to tell if it will settle, will this correct itself? Does wearing the band help in this situation? Help!
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They look so real and natural already at one month. Scars already barely noticeable. Pain free after only one week post op

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Without seeing the problem it is difficult to give advise. "wonky" isn't a very descriptive term from a medical standpoint but you may need a single sided mastopexy (breast lift) There are 4 types and which one will work for you depends on how droopy you are. Also it is possible that the problem side is getting a little contracted and the implant is migrating upward and the breast tissue downward; in which case you will need a capsulectomy or removal of breast pocket scar tissue.
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If your greast was droopy and needed a lift to begin with, then the implant will not lift a drropy breast, or do away with the need for a lift. The fact that you have a Double Bubble effect means you need a full breast lift to get a good long lasting result. See your Board Certified PS for an advise abd discuss all your options
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It sounds like your right breast was ptotic pre-op. If the effect is somewhat subtle (and it sounds like it is), you should be able to go back for a lift. Not a full lift, but the far less invasive crescent lift. This is something you might be able to do under a local anaesthetic, in case you were wondering about cost concerns. Consult with your surgeon, but don't be surprised if he/she asks you to wait until they're more healed before getting the crescent lift.
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I'm having a similar problem...I think I might actually need a second surgery and if so I will wait atleast another 5 months to do so, I dont want to be a plastic surgery junkie.
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