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Hello my friends! I am in my mid 20's and...

Hello my friends! I am in my mid 20's and nursed 1 child, I've had implants for almost a year and i want them out, im having back problems, shortness of breath, night sweats, and on top of that capsular contracture on both implants, before surgery i was a small C wanting perky breast and came out with huge watermelons 34DD's the PS seem to think im crazy cause i want them out, no lift, no smaller implant, nothing!

Im going to my 3 rd consultation tomorrow and hope he doesnt think im crazy too for wanting my implants out but either way, crazy or not im taking them out! (as soon as i find the right doctor)

I know where you are coming from, I too have 34DD watermelons ( as you say!!) and was a petite 34A pre implant. I have a date set for removal on 9th May but on Saturday i am going back to see the surgeon for the 3rd time as i think i want capsulectomies done at same time ( i have a contracture on right side) but he seems reluctant as i am petite on top and thinks i may lose more breast tissue. What a nightmare decision it is. I have also written my story and am hoping for some replies asap!! I think it is best to remove the capsule when you have symptoms like insomnia, joint pain, dry eye, fatigue which i have.. and sounds like you too. Keep me posted and dont worry if you drive the dr,s crazy i am doing the same too but it it such a life changing decision. Good luck

Thank you for starting your story with us! Many plastic surgeons have a hard time with removing implants...you'll find the right doctor though. And we're here for you. Keep us updated.

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