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Hi, I just turned 20, am 5'6 and 145 pounds. I...

hi, I just turned 20, am 5'6 and 145 pounds. I was on the very small side of a B, with very little/ if any sagging (no kids) and little tissue. I wanted to achieve a VERY natural look and feel while in a bathing/birthday suit ;). I want to become a small D - Mid D.

Well we kinda rushed into the surgery with only a weeks’ notice from first ap. and ended up going with 500cc h.p. smooth saline mentor under the muscle.

Would it have made my breast softer if I had gone with the silicone because of the little amount of tissue I was starting off with? How would it have affected the appearance of my breasts had I have gone with the moderate plus instead of the HP? Would there have been a difference?

While in clothes i felt i would have been okay using something (if needed) to boost what the doctor was going to give me with silicone pads or a V.S. pushup bra to achieve that extra 1/2 cup and t put me at a full D small DD.

hi i was just wondering how your results were coming along. i got 540hp saline implants on Tuesday.getting anxious to see how mine will look when they drop ;) hope your doing good and are happy with you results
I just got mine done on the 2nd of feb and I also got saline hp under the m muscle... With you Not having any kids and little to no sagging at all, your boobs are going to look and feel really huge and a lil weird to you because you're not use to them yet. I have two kids and breast fed them both... Before having kids I started out with a nice b, but when I started beat feeding I went up to a really nice d! I decided that was a better look for me so I went with 450 cc's hp saline under the muscle... Silicone would have been softer for you considering wat you started with, but I like the way mine feel and they feel soft like real breast tissue and they haven't had a chance to soften all the way... But like I said, there is a huge difference when you've never had children but I would just give ir time sweetie... Keep massaging and maybe even get an ace bandage to go on the top of your breast to help push them down some more... I hope things get better, best of luck :)

Yep, Makenzie's right. Your only option at this age was saline. I don't know how far post-op you are, but it looks like your implants still have some dropping to do.

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