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2cc of Perlane in Lips - California

Just had it done, Tey are SUPER SWOLLEN. I have...

Just had it done, Tey are SUPER SWOLLEN. I have tried everything else in the ast however it never lasts longer then 2 months! This is the most I have ever done at one time. I usualy do one syringe but see minimal results.

This way the LEAST PAINFUL during injections for lips. THis perlane was with the lidocain. Much better and no pain!

They are currently swollen into "duck mode" I am hoping it will go down as I was told in the next day or so!

they looked nice (perfect) to begin with. I don't know why you'd do anything :/
I think your lips look beautiful and I wouldn't worry as the swelling will go down. In 2009 when i didn't know ANYTHING, a doctor talked me into spending $750 for silicon 1000 (which I expected to be permanent) it was swollen at first and then I could see no difference. How long is this suppose to last? I have now learned that I would need another filler and am looking for a doctor I can trust here locally. This looks like a good result so please let us know how it goes.

Oh my goodness! You weren't joking when you said they were swollen!! Thank you so much for posting pictures so we could all see.

How are they feeling today? Any difference yet?

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