20% At-home TCA Peel Combined with Jessner's - No Noticeable Difference - California

I did my TCA peels myself at home to try to reduce...

I did my TCA peels myself at home to try to reduce some fine lines, get rid of some brown spots on my cheeks, and even out my skin tone and texture. I used glycolic peels and other AHA products prior, so that is probably why I didn't experience any adverse effects to the TCA. I first apply a Jessner's peel and then follow that with a 20% TCA peel. After a couple days, my skin peels off in large sheets and by then end of the week, it is usually done peeling. Despite the fact that I know my top layer of skin is peeling off, I don't see much difference in the quality of my skin afterward. I've done a few peels spaced a few weeks apart to see if that would help, but there is still not much difference. My spots and lines are still there. Maybe my skin is a little more soft but that's it. Since it was only $40 and it didn't make my skin worse, I don't regret trying it, but I probably wouldn't buy any more.

I did the same thing with jessners and 30%. Two layers too. I'm only on day 6 but I am mostly peeled and no difference really. I did my check a few months back for freckles from sun. Only a very small difference, just the tip of the ice berg. I will probably try a few about a 6 wks apart before I break down and plan for fraxel repair or something. Oh, I did have some of the very light freckles peel off but most are still there, only fractionally lighter. Wrinkles still the same and pores still very visible. On top of it all, the creams and ointments are breaking me out. Ugh.
I did my chest*
You need a stronger peel - try 30%.
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